Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 5: Last day :(

Hey everyone! Today was sadly our last day volunteering with FLOC. We started the day at the office working on a Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the database for FLOC.  It was a pretty long and busy day!  I am really excited about reaching new people through the media and having people see our videos of the trip and interviews we did.  We all learned so much from Justin, Bri, Diego, and FLOC supporters this week, and we hope others can get a similar experience through these new online sources.

We took a break from our work to get some lunch at a Mexican restaurant next door.  It was very yummy! They let us try their homemade drinks before we chose one (I went with Horchata YUM!)  The food filled us up pretty fast, but D was ready to eat all our leftovers (I think he regretted this later!!)  We went back to work for a few more hours until we were finished with most of our stuff.  We then went out to celebrate our last night in NC! We started at The Cookout, which had yummy burgers and amazing milkshakes!  I was pretty boring with an Oreo one, but Yang got creative with her Vanilla Pineapple and Walnut shake.

After eating,  we headed to a roller skating rink/arcade/bowling alley (I can't remember the name of it.)  It was a lot of fun! Jenny is a baller on roller skates (sorry I can't say the same for the rest of us!)  So we skated for a while until Justin, Bri, and Diego showed up and surprised us! They laughed at our skating skills, and then we went to the bowling alley.  It was a really fun night, and I am glad we got to spend it with the FLOC staff.

I can't believe we are already leaving tomorrow morning!  We are all very thankful for the FLOC staff and other organizations we met taking their time to teach us about the struggles of migrant workers.  I don't think that any of us will forget what we learned and saw on this trip.  Hopefully we will be able to come back sometime!  Well, we have to get up in a few hours so I think I better get some rest!  Peace and love everyone :)


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