Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4: Trip to Greensboro

"Soup" Guys! Now we are all kind of hanging out in the FLOC office. The break dancers for today's community dinner are still practicing. One of them will attend the audition of American Best Dance Crew! They are all really awesome! (See video)

Today we set off at 7:30 in the morning, leaving for Greensboro to have a meeting with a Presbyterian Church and the Beloved Community Center (BCC). The people were really excited to see that we were there. We were greatly inspired by them too. Listening to the story about how the church raised a miracle amount of money, we are just so grateful to see people with different races and religions to work together for justice. Everyone thinks that even though we are the volunteers to help FLOC, we are actually the ones helped to have this eye-opening experience. After that we tried to find a restaurant that serves food for Muslims (since Dawood hasn’t eaten meat for a long timeJ ), but we couldn’tL. We passed by a Vietnamese Restaurant but others are just not that into Asian food as I am. HOHO, so I had chicken wings again. Still nice!

After lunch we tried to get into ReynoldsAmerica’s building. Since it’s not open to the public we were kicked out. What an XXXX company!

We drove back to Mt. Olive. On the way back, Jenny and Nicole were sleeping. I started to read D’s book on a serial killer. The guys are just talking all the time. The office had already been set up for the dinner when we were back. People from the community came and we served them food. Several people gave very powerful and persuasive speeches in Spanish. We did some interviews of the farm workers who came. I was serving the food at that time, but I heard it was really touching. The video probably will be posted later.

Now we are back to Justin’s place and get rest, watching a movie. I want to play Catch Phrase Again. OK that’s pretty much we did today. Night!


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