Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1: Dunzo

It’s about 1am Tuesday right now. We just got back to the house and we are pretty exhausted. We’re happy to have a place to sleep and thankful to Justin from FLOC for providing it. The day began around 8am with us meeting at FLOC to have a warm breakfast and chat with members of the organization. We spent the proceeding hours getting educated on not only the history of the organization but where they hope to be in the future. Lunch was held at the one-and-only BOJANGLES, and let’s just say it was bojangley. We took some time after our fabulous meal to do some brainstorming and come up with some great ideas that we could present to Justin and other members of FLOC.
After we presented our ideas and formulated an action plan for the week we got to choose what we would like to do for the rest of the evening. We decided to go back to Bojangles. Alright, that was a joke. We actually decided to head to Wilmington and check out the ocean and grab a bite to eat. It was a bit chilly out but still awesome to be by the water and under the stars. King Neptune’s provided us with a great meal and entertainment, and by entertainment I mean the fact that we got excited about a little toy train that circled around the ceiling. After dinner we attempted to visit the Juggling Gypsy, a local entertainment establishment. It got weird. We left. The evening ended on a high note when we found The Soapbox, quite possibly the coolest establishment ever. We played some games, chatted with the locals, and loved the idea that in the back people we’re doing their laundry. Literally.


  1. Haha, I was really hoping you guys went back to Bojangles for a second time!

  2. That sounds like quite a day! You can never go wrong with Bojangles and the Juggling Gypsy.