Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2: Camp Trip

Sup dudes! (or as Yang would say “Soup Dudes”) We are currently hanging out at the FLOC office getting started on some projects… sort of. We had a really long day of fun and excitement! It started out at the Food Lion getting some cereal and milk for breakfast. YUM! We met up with Justin and Bri at the FLOC office, and they brought us to some of the camps migrant workers live at during the summer. They had some crazy conditions. There are 200 to 300 workers that live in about 4 tiny buildings, each room having 10 or more people with not enough beds. Also, there are no windows in the rooms so we can only imagine how hot it gets. They have to share bathrooms that have pretty much no privacy and are not very clean (see pictures!) We heard a lot of sad stories from Justin and Bri about the living conditions the migrants face (see videos.) Not only are the living conditions horrible, but there is absolutely nothing social to do around the camp sites.

After visiting the camps, we met up with some other awesome organizations. Student Action with Farm workers (SAF) first talked to us about some fun and unique ways they spread awareness to the public. For example, they use theater to teach different issues migrant workers are facing (they had us do some “sculpting” theater which was very interesting!) We next heard from the North Carolina Farm Worker Health Project (NCFWHP) and how they are fighting to help migrants have more access to health care.

So basically we learned A LOT of new stuff today. After the presentations, we headed to Cuban Revolution for some dinner. It was delicious, and they had some pretty sweet paintings. OH yeah, they also had EVERY "world's best" sandwich! CONGRATULATIONS! Logan got a free sandwich too! So that brings us back here to the FLOC office… we are about to wrap it up now so we will hit you back tomorrow :)

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